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Would people assume one is bi/lesbian if they have a pic of a woman in a bikini as her cel wallpaper?
See my friend's bi and she's afraid people will find out she's bi due to her wallpaper. The wallpaper is a black and white pic of her favorite celebrity in a bikini. So would people assume she's bi? Would a straight girl do this? If so what excuse could my friend use so people will not find out about her being bi?
Nope they wouldn't!
Girls can get away with having skimpily dressed woman on their calenders and magazines because heck the media says its ok! I mean look at the Victoria Secret Catalog they advertise! Its for all women shoppers, right? No one will think twice!
Does this girl look like a lesbian (pic)?
I know you cant judge people by what they look like but just curious, does this girl look like a lesbian to you? :LL
No, she looks absolutely beautiful!
Can someone help me find a pic of a gay / lesbian couple being bullied?
Or something that includes societal expectaions, gender role prejudices or sexism.
I need it for my title page
nd then i need to write one paragraph explaining it.
plzzz help me out as much as u cann
go to youtube or flickr
I'm 20F and I'm a Lesbian[Pic included]... Where can I find some hot girls?
Like I always have trouble finding girls because...

1. I don't look gay
2. I not really into the gay bar/club thing

Are there any sites? lol
haha thats how sad it is...
r u hot? lol come here ha

anyway heres a pic of me from myspace... u can add me if ya want.

just talk to people. supposedly, 10% of people are gay or something. you have good odds or meeting lesbians just by doing that.
Can you make a fake n*de pic of my girlfriend (not lesbian way) (she is 21 and I have her consent)?
Its for her birthday joke we asked her if she would mind and she said: aslong as you dont drool over it , its fine xD
don't most computers have a photo shop program?

do it yourself, paste her head on some nude body
Is this outfit "Lesbian" enough (pic included)?
I'm modifying my outfits to look more "lesbian." I know there's not a certain way a lesbian dresses but there are clues. I figured if I look more lesbian then maybe I can finally get a girlfriend! (Plus I like dressing that way).

If you saw me in this outfit, would you think that I was a lesbian???

OMFG I love that outfit! I'm so getting some suspenders like those! Where did you get them?
In this pic do I look like a lesbian?
In this pic do I look like a lesbian?
lol or bisexual.. This question is harmless I am basically asking do I give off the vibe of liking girls outwardly because ALOT of bisexual girls Openly hit on me.. I dont know what it is..

Thanks ..

Ignore the boobs

I think its just that you're cute. BTW how EXACTLY was i supposed to ignore the boobs? lol
Does this girl look straight bi or leSbian to you(pic)?
i met this cute girl in one of my classes at school and i dont know her very well and im trying to figure her out by the way she looks and acts. im bi and ive been trying to show her im interested by telling her she is pretty and i say hi sometimes when i see her. but all she does is have me catch her staring at me in class. and bites her lip. does that mean anything? do you think she would get with me? i mean like does she look gay to you i want her
You can't tell a person's sexuality by just looking at them.

You can make assumptions but then again, assumptions is the mother of all f***-ups.

The best thing you can do is get to know her and she'll tell you if she is gay if she feels comfortable sharing that with you.

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